What is Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens is Latin for “holding a place” and today it refers to medical personnel who accept a temporary assignment filling in for another medical staff member as an independent contractor for a medical facility, for any reason, for as little as a few days to several months. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on locum tenens to fill vacancies during busy seasonal changes, because of illness as well as during vacations or leaves. It allows you to keep your skills sharp, exposing you to a variety of settings and situations while you are able to interact with a variety of healthcare providers and patients.


When you chose to become a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or certified registered nurse anesthetist, it likely wasn’t so that you could sift through paperwork and fight the administrative stress that accompanies finding the right position. You worked hard with the goal of practicing medicine and to make a difference. With the assistance of Alpha Orionis Locums & Staffing, you can do just that. While you focus on delivering quality care, let us handle all the daunting details surrounding your locums or permanent placement assignment.

Locum tenens has become a typical way of life for countless physicians and healthcare providers with many choosing these assignments as their full-time schedules. You can work in sunny California during the winter months and in New England for the summer. Fill a dire need on an Indian reservation in New Mexico and then move to a bustling ER in Houston the following month. Travel is one of the greatest benefits of working locum tenens. But don’t worry if you don’t choose to travel far. Many of our physicians and healthcare providers work within a short drive of their home and love the convenience of that as well.

Whether you’re an established physician/provider looking for a more flexible schedule or a medical resident who is seeking to gain experience in your choice of clinical settings, locum tenens positions can help you transition to that next stage in your career. If you’re a physician at the end of your professional career, locum tenens assignments are an excellent segue from a busy practice to a schedule that best fits a less hectic lifestyle. Locum tenens positions give you the opportunity to see the country, while continuing to practice medicine in your specialty field.

It’s all about creating that perfect balance, and Alpha does all the work, so you can focus on transitioning to the career path that’s best for you. Accepting locum tenens assignments creates a significant change in lifestyle for physicians and advanced practice healthcare providers and can occur at any stage of your career. Along with the freedom to choose your work setting and travel to new locations, Alpha Orionis Locums & Staffing offers an extensive list of benefits that make the locum lifestyle enticing, uncomplicated and rewarding. After connecting you with the right assignment, we will coordinate your transportation (including flights), housing and rental cars. We will facilitate obtaining your hospital privileges, medical licensure, and provide malpractice insurance while on assignment. Your only responsibility is caring for the patients.

Why Locum Tenens?

  • Travel to and explore different areas of the country.
  • Experience a variety of medical settings, and various ways medicine is practiced.
  • Have flexibility, work where, when and for how long you want.
  • Have the ability to explore other specialty areas or have a career change.
  • Expand your resume or avoid burnout!
  • Enjoy a work-life balance.

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